Welcome to MLH Nutrition Company

Eating healthy is the key to feeling energized and enthusiastic as you tackle your daily routine. I help you sort through the noise by developing personalized plans that can manage weight and with my help enjoy sustainable weight management.

I help middle-aged people address health concerns such as:

Elevated blood glucose
Elevated lipids
Insulin resistance
Metabolic syndrome
Chronic kidney disease

With my help, you can:

 Increase your metabolism
Enjoy sustainable, lasting weight loss
Increase energy and vitality
Improve key health metrics such as eGFR, cholesterol, or blood glucose levels
Alleviate symptoms

Who Am I?

I'm Melissa Herbert, the founder of MLH Nutrition. I've been providing people with focused, personalized nutrition counseling services for over 20 years, and my clients have enjoyed incredible results by following my customized programs.

I've gone to the ends of the earth to gain a better understanding of healing, health, and the body's evolving needs. I spent time in both Central America and South America, learning from traditional medicine men and women. I incorporated their wisdom into the understanding provided by a career spent working with physicians here in the United States. Plus, my own experience as a busy middle-aged person helps me provide you with "doable" guidance.

My passion is to provide my clients with the knowledge and tools to live a healthy life. Aging doesn't have to mean feeling run down, worn out, overweight, or sick. If you know what to do, these can be the best years of your life. I'll be your guide, eliminating all guesswork and supporting you through the challenging bits. I'll meet you right where you are regarding your health and food practices, offering concrete, practical suggestions that are easy to implement.

I believe you can look forward to eating and be healthy too! Are you ready to start this journey with me? If so, book your first session today.