Nutrition Counseling Services

Schedule individual counseling sessions that help you meet your specific nutritional needs and challenges.

Individual sessions are about an hour. Each follow-up session takes fifteen to thirty minutes.

During each session, you'll receive practical guidance and suggestions that are easy to implement. Small changes can make a huge difference! Every suggestion will fit into your unique lifestyle and address your unique challenges.

Case Studies

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of my clients.

Addressing Pre-Diabetes
Jane was a woman in her thirties whose MD told her that she was pre-diabetic. Her goals were both to lose weight and to keep diabetes at bay. Jane had two conversations with me and implemented the changes that I suggested. She lost 14 pounds in three months, and, to date, remains diabetes-free.

Reducing Blood Glucose Levels
Mary is in her early 40s. Her doctor told her that she had three months to lose weight and reduce her HbA1c levels, or she'd have to go on medication. I helped her give up soda, make a few other diet changes, and become more physically active. She lost thirty pounds over the course of six months and did not have to go on medication. She feels better than ever and is excited to keep losing weight.


Do you take insurance?
Most major insurances accepted.

How many sessions does it take to get results?
You may book as many sessions as you need to meet your goals, but many of my clients start seeing dramatic changes with just two to three sessions. If you follow my guidance between sessions, you'll see results!

How quickly will I lose weight?
Nutrition counseling isn't a good fit if your weight is your sole focus. While a weekly or monthly check-in can provide valuable data, I wouldn't advise you to weigh yourself daily or to get hyperfocused on the number on the scale. There are other metrics to focus on. Has your cholesterol improved? Is your blood sugar stable? Do you feel happier and more energetic? If you're addressing chronic health conditions, is your doctor happy with your progress? These are the sorts of goals we'll focus on together.

What will I eat?
Food that you can enjoy, food that you can obtain at any grocery store, and food that takes a reasonable amount of time to prepare. The focus isn't on restricting yourself or following a strict "plan" that doesn't hold water when it meets back up with the real world. The focus is on eating healthy foods more often than not while finding and focusing on the foods that you love so that eating doesn't become an ordeal or a chore.


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